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Clothes do reflect the person.

We are a Certified Dry Cleaner, which means your clothes will be cleaned with a pure, high-quality cleaning solution that preserves the color and texture of your garments.

Many fabrics, including wool, polyesters and silks, cannot be cleaned effectively by soap and water cleaning. They may even be damaged by these methods. Continental Cleaners will dry clean your valuable fabrics to remove any oils or grease and avoid shrinkage and other damage.

Before dry cleaning, we pay special attention to stains. Our specially trained staff will carefully spot clean any stains, giving your garments the best possible care. We understand the strength of our cleaning solutions as well as the tolerance of your garment, and this understanding helps to prevent damage.

The dry cleaning process is very complex and includes many different stages that require professional training and expertise. The Continental Cleaners staff has been trained and educated in all these areas and will provide your garments with the high-quality cleaning treatment you deserve.


We offer state of the art shirt laundry service, designed to get your shirts their brightest and keep you looking good.


To make your life easier, we also offer quality cleaning services for:

Table linens
Sleeping bags
Bed skirt/Dust Ruffle


In addition to our dry cleaning services, Continental Cleaners also offers wet cleaning. In this process, your delicate garments are gently washed in a water-based solution.


Major or Minor – Continental Cleaners can provide any level of alterations you may need and our work is guaranteed.

From the lengthening or shortening of your favorite pants to a complete re-tailoring of a special skirt or dress, we are here to help. Our expert alteration services are reasonably priced, and can be done quickly.


Continental Cleaners offers both dry and wet cleaning for your draperies. We also remove, clean, repair and rehang your draperies. If you are in need of new draperies, our expert staff can measure, fabricate and hang new draperies and rods, in addition to a full range of other window coverings.

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